Where water flows

life grows

Clean water is the basis of all life. And a clean stream is the basis of a healthy neighbourhood that is pleasant to live in. What we do with our wastewater is very important. HelloWater is the most environmentally friendly water treatment plant or onsite wastewater treatment system available. No bad-smelling streams or leaking septic tank, but a bunch of beautiful plants in your garden. Wastewater goes in. Clear water comes out. It’s that easy. Afterwards, it flows cleanly back into the stream, or you can reuse it in your own garden. Nature wins, you win, your neighbourhood wins. Say bye-bye to the brown gunk and hello to clean water!

Clean wastewater. 

That will revitalise your whole neighbourhood.

The benefits, at a glance


Clean water in your stream makes your neighbourhood pleasant to live in. You will only smell and see pure nature.

Reuse the water however you like (for washing the car, watering the garden, etc.). Not a superfluous luxury in times of global warming.


This onsite water treatment system requires minimal maintenance/strong> compared to other existing systems. The electricity consumption is also minimal: approximately €1/person/year.

Good for biodiversity and surface water in times of drought. We can produce 140 litres of wastewater per person per day. This now flows back to nature in a purified way.


The value of your house increases. HelloWater is an investment that will pay off both when you live there and when you sell your house.

You’ll meet the future discharge standards set by the EU (2027). You become entirely futureproof.


“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”​

– Benjamin Franklin​

Ecological water treatment with a helophyte filter

How does it work?

Step 1

All the wastewater comes together in a pre-sedimentation tank. Here, many of the solid particles already sink to the bottom. 

Step 2

The liquid part flows into a pump well. From there, the wastewater is evenly distributed in the planter (helophyte filter) by means of a pump and distribution system.

Step 3

The wastewater slowly seeps between the plant roots and the mix of lava and substrates. Together with earthworms and insects, micro-organisms purify the wastewater. 

You decide

HelloWater is a flexible water treatment system. Do you want to have more of a certain type of plant, do you want it above ground or half-underground? No problem. We’ll go through the possibilities with you and accompany you from the first meeting through to maintenance after installation.   

Benor quality label

HelloWater is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of the European standard EN 12566-3. The HelloWater plant filter has been tested by an independent certification body, Certipro. It was tested for water density, purification efficiency and engineering aspects. The Benor label also guarantees proper functioning through annual inspections.


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