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<b<Flanders has no fewer than 23,000 agricultural businesses; Wallonia has just over 12,700. Together, they help shape our rural landscape and nature. Together, they’re already committed to the responsible and careful use and reuse of water. But the general public has a strong view of agriculture: too much fertiliser, too many resources and too many emissions. HelloWater’s response to this?

We take the bull by the horns and give it a reason to bellow. Agriculture and the environment can go hand in hand. Wastewater treatment for agricultural businesses can indeed contribute to clean canals, streams, and waterways. And together we can ensure a clean and healthy water environment.


This is how. We tackle the water problem locally with scalable, environmentally friendly water treatment plants tailored to your farm. Wastewater goes in, clean water comes out, thanks to the interplay of plants and bacteria. You can reuse it as a new water source or give it back to nature.

Say hello, agrobusiness of tomorrow. 

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The benefits, at a glance


Scalable, modular water treatment plants fully customised for private individuals, agrobusinesses and local governments.


Smart installation - with attention to the existing layout of your business and room for integration.


Clean water can be reusedfor low-value applications such as cleaning machinery, or it can be returned to nature.

It is an extensive, nature-based system in the form of a flowering plant border.


The installation meets the European discharge standards of VLAREM II, in order to achieve healthy watercourses in Flanders by 2027. Hello Future!

Energy-efficient, ecological and easy to implement.


This is how we do it

With a lot of enthusiasm and common sense, we make sure that the cow shit no longer hits the fan. That not a drop of water is lost. And that the difference you make with your agrobusiness is as clear as water in a rocky stream.
Step 1

 You show us how your business works, so that we understand how things are done.

Step 2

We map out the different water flows in your business.

Step 3

We make a concept proposal for the water flows and dimensions of the water treatment plant. 

Step 4

We give you a specific plan of action.

We’re eager beavers when it comes to clean water.

"In the agricultural sector, we’re aware of the problem, so it’s only natural for us to purify as much wastewater as possible and return it to the waterways in a clean way."

At Xavier and Leentje's farm

Benor quality label

HelloWater is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of the European standard EN 12566-3. The HelloWater plant filter has been tested by an independent certification body, Certipro. It was tested for water density, purification efficiency and engineering aspects. The Benor label also guarantees proper functioning through annual inspections.


The VLAMINOR certification regulations aim to go beyond the legal requirements and the BENOR quality mark in various areas. VLAMINOR involves random samples being taken at operational water treatment facilities. For VLAMINOR certification to be retained, these samples must demonstrate that the effluent quality as imposed by the environmental regulations is almost always achieved. While BENOR is the quality label for the system and the tried and tested operation, VLAMINOR guarantees the quality of the effluent coming from BENOR-approved systems in operational situations.

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