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Clean water. That’s the foundation of any lively municipality. Gurgling streams, healthy outdoor air, and proud locals. Is that what you’re after? Then you should go for HelloWater, the most environmentally friendly local water purification system , where plants do all the work. Wastewater goes in. Clean water comes out. It’s that easy. No endless roadworks and out-of-control budgets, but instead a quickly installed local solution, tailored to the surroundings. And best of all... The water is reused or returned to nature in a purified form.

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Redrawing the map of Belgium

In Belgium 400,000 houses are not connected to mains drainage. And we’re talking about a civilised country here. You might think it’s pretty clean as it is, but we’re actually in deep shit. Ribbon development makes water purification costly, almost unfeasible. That’s if you think in terms of a sewage network. But it can be done differently. Radically differently. With HelloWater we tackle this problem on a local level. Now, not tomorrow, or in 2030. Together we can redesign the map of Belgium. And make it bluer and greener.


Ledegem becomes Leaudegem

With the “Ledegem becomes Leaudegem” project, we wish to demonstrate scalable, sustainable and modular small-scale water treatment plants (KWZI), an innovative concept.

Persbericht: Restproduct uit drinkwaterproces wordt afvalwaterzuiveringsstap in buitengebied

Lees meer over onze Fosfaatfilter FOSCUBE: Aantoonbare en geteste meetresultaten via onze samenwerking met I-qua.

The benefits, at a glance


Scalable, modular water treatment plant..
In the stream, semi-underground, in clusters or free-standing. Anything is possible.

Pure water doesn’t flow out to sea but stays in the area and protects the local environment from drought.


Clean streams, full of life make for pleasant living and walking conditions.

No need to worry about the future. This water treatment system complies with the 2027 discharge standards (EU).


A smaller carbon footprint than a sewage system

Because shitty flowers don’t exist.

Our water treatment plants, coming soon across Flanders?

This is how we did it in Ledegem. Watch and listen (or better still: read).

Providing solutions for your residents

Perhaps not all inhabitants are your responsibility. But all the water in your community is connected to each other. We can only succeed if we work together. You - the local government - the local residents and us. And that can be made possible through a group purchase.

HelloWater makes it easy for you and provides you with a ready-made communication package. We set a date to give a presentation (online or otherwise) to interested residents and answer all their questions.

"Hooray, we can have coffee again at work." HelloWater is a third of the cost of normal sewage treatment.

Benor quality label

HelloWater is manufactured in accordance with the technical requirements of the European standard EN 12566-3. The HelloWater plant filter has been tested by an independent certification body, Certipro. It was tested for water density, purification efficiency and engineering aspects. The Benor label also guarantees proper functioning through annual inspections.


The VLAMINOR certification regulations aim to go beyond the legal requirements and the BENOR quality mark in various areas. VLAMINOR involves random samples being taken at operational water treatment facilities. For VLAMINOR certification to be retained, these samples must demonstrate that the effluent quality as imposed by the environmental regulations is almost always achieved. While BENOR is the quality label for the system and the tried and tested operation, VLAMINOR guarantees the quality of the effluent coming from BENOR-approved systems in operational situations.

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